Hot Desking: The Unspoken Rules

Post on November 23, 2023

When it comes to hot desking in Singapore, there are so many great spaces to choose from. But if you’re a newbie who is used to a traditional office or just emerging from the home office for the first time, you might want to know about the unspoken dos and don’ts of hot desking. 


We asked our workbuddy members what advice they have for people who haven’t been working at a coworking space or hot desk for a while. 


And here you have it: a simple guide to the unspoken rules of hot desking:


DO: Keep the noise down

That means turning your phone onto silent, not taking loud calls at your desk, making use of the phone booths for zoom calls and no noisy snacks. Noise is distracting and disruptive, and in spaces with open layouts, sound travels further. Remember that you are surrounded by other people who, like you, came to focus and be productive. 


DO: Clean up before you leave

Two things: alcohol spray and clean, dry tissue paper. If you've eaten lunch at your desk, just give it a quick wipe down before you leave. Even though the coworking space employs cleaners, someone may use your desk straight after you. And even if no one does, the cleaners will thank you. 


DO: Use phone booths

Make use of the phone booths if taking loud calls or zoom meetings. Talking on the phone in a hot desk area (even with earphones) not only disrupts the people around you, but also increases the risk of sharing confidential information.



DO: Cancel your booking if your plans change

It’s easy to forget to cancel your booking for a hot desk or meeting room when your plans change. But if you think about it, by forgetting to cancel your booking, no one else can use it. Making and cancelling bookings enables everyone to be able to enjoy the facilities available.


DO: Use the dedicated lounge areas for networking and catching up with friends

There are spaces designated for working and spaces designated for chatting. Don’t mix them up. Sure, it’s nice to interact a little with your neighbour while at your desk, but try to keep the volume low or move to the lounge area where you can chat and network freely.



DON’T: Come in when you’re feeling sick

Coworking spaces are communal areas. If you’re feeling under the weather, stay at home. Don’t risk contagion. Just as you wouldn’t want to be sitting next to someone who was sneezing and coughing, they wouldn’t want to be sitting next to you when you are ill. 


Bear these guidelines in mind and you won’t get any sideways glances or hinting grunts from your fellow coworkers. Everyone likes to be in the know. So now you know. And if you already knew all this, share it with the person who is taking a personal call at their desk right now!



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