Top 5 reasons to try workbuddy (according to our members)

Post on October 3, 2022

We asked our long-term members why they chose workbuddy. Here’s what they had to say:


Fitting work around my life 

“When working full time, I had to fit my life around my work. Life happened before and after work. Freelancing at first felt like I was working all the time. It was hard to set boundaries. Now that I get to pop into any co-working space with my workbuddy pass, it’s easier to separate work and home. And since I can work in different locations around the city, I don’t miss out on the fun… the stuff I love, anymore. It feels more like I am fitting my work around my life, not the other way around.” 


Office locations that suit the whole team

“Our team benefits from the workbuddy membership for three major reasons: (1) the ability to find a place closer to home to reduce commuting time (our colleagues are spread across the island); (2) we now have meetings in different parts of town, and people can choose their working location to be near their meetings that day; and (3) travel has opened up and therefore having flexible workspace is better value for money than underutilizing fixed real estate.”



Affordable perks

“We strongly believe in making sure our employees are well looked after. We know how important well-being is for productivity and motivation. But as a start-up, we don’t have the up-front cash to pay for expensive coffee machines, events and perks for our employees. We decided to move to a co-working space so our employees could enjoy a lot more perks in a way that is more affordable for us. Workbuddy helped us find a good deal.”


Meeting more clients

“I know networking is important as a freelancer. But it was hard to motivate myself to go out and meet people when I was working from home. I decided to find a co-working space since my friend was meeting clients that way. I did the workbuddy free trial to test out a few different spaces, but decided to keep going with it because it allows me to attend networking events all around town instead of just one place, and meet many more people that way.”


More variety, more vibes

“I’ve been at a co-working space for years now  - I like it for many reasons: the cafe, the events, the people, the vibe. When you do creative work, you often get inspiration from your environment and for me, I like variety. So I tried workbuddy for a while to see what it’s like working at different spaces every day. It was actually cool, like a good fit for me and the way I work. I like being in a high-rise one day and a shophouse the next. It suits my need for variety.”



If you are looking for more flexibility in your work, whether you’re part of a large company, a start-up or are working as a freelancer, try workbuddy for FREE for one week with the code FREE WEEK. 


We have more than 50 professional co-working spaces that you can access on-demand, with no long-term contracts in sight. We can also help you find the right fit for your team. 


Contact us at [email protected] for more information or download the workbuddy app for your free trial.