February is the new January: The Lunar New Year Restart

Post on February 26, 2024

Have the post festive blues gotten you in a slump? You’re not the only one. The Chinese New Year rolled in with vibrancy, zeal, and with the excitement of new beginnings. But, as the celebrations have drawn to a close, it’s time to dust off our lethargy and get back into the rhythm of our life and work. It’s probably time to put down the pineapple tarts (Is it really time? It is. But wait, is it?) and jump back into our daily routine, while taking the holiday spirit with us into the new year. 



Let’s start the new year by noting some positive work affirmations. 


I will reflect and redirect


Here is the long and short of it. A new year is the perfect backdrop to set new goals. Start by being real with yourself. Can you think of all the things you have done well? What aspect of your life do you tend to struggle with? Is there any one facet of your life that you tend to struggle with more than the rest? Does writing help? Journal now, and tackle it steadily. The New Year is the ideal backdrop to set goals that excite you and create the perfect to-do list to achieve every goal. It is the year of the dragon indeed - your sign to soar motivated and high.



I will ride the festive wave


The Chinese New Year brought an infectious energy with it. Watching the streets of Singapore come to life with colourful decorations instilled a sense of irreplaceable excitement in the air. Now that the New Year is here, It’s time to channel that positive energy into your work. Whether it’s a hint of red, a recent portrait from your family gathering, rearranging your desk with festive paraphernalia will give you a fresh perspective. A little change of scenery can be the nudge you need to improve your mood and boost productivity. 


I will embrace routine as my ally


Not been feeling like yourself lately? Well now is the perfect time to revisit and reshape your daily schedule. Think of it like a work-in-progress Spotify playlist. Every track symbolises a task, a small part of your day, that guides you through to the end with a purpose and a rhythm. Begin with something small, something easy, to get the ball rolling. It’s important to keep going, even when you’re running low on energy and when your motivation levels seem to have taken a holiday of their own. 


I will find and spark inspiration on the daily


Sick of the mundane? There’s a whole plethora of online workshops, seminars, and podcasts to spark a new light in you. Afterall, this is the Year of the Dragon. Nurture the leader within you. All you need is an open mind to explore topics that might seem out of your realm of comfort. How does walking into a new space to work sound like? Our vibrant locations and community is spread all over Singapore. We vow to make learning an adventure, not a chore, and believe that you must work where your life is and not the other way round. To get you started, we're offering a free week to help build the momentum! All you need to do is use the code FREEWEEK to avail it. More details here.


I will flow with flexibility


We think of ourselves as your buddy. And it’s our responsibility to tell you: being productive isn’t automatically achieved by being on the go. It’s equally important to hit pause, slow down, and just breathe. 2024 is your year to make your own rules. And that could mean being more flexible and kind to ourselves. Identify a routine that works best for you and adapt as you go along. Remember, the best ideas can come to life when we’re taking it easy, not when we’re in overdrive. This New Year brings the gift of new beginnings for you and your time. Take a look at our individual and team coworking membership plans to truly live the flexibility mantra for your workspace.