From 0-10-100: Spaces that Build, Grow, and Nurture Teams at every Milestone

Post on May 21, 2024

Introduction: Building 0-100 with a key ingredient

Scaling a business from 0-1, then 1-10 and 10-100 is no overnight oats recipe. Every company on its path to success, goes through 3 distinct phases - 0-1 Startup, 1-10 scaling & growth, 10-100 profitability. 

The 0-1 phase is all about building from the ground up, getting the foundation right, bringing the right people. The core team defines the values, mission and vision for the company. It is this core team that comes together to ensure the foundation is tight. 

After the market fit is identified, the product built, comes the 1-10 phase, which is all about scaling - multiplying customers, building an ever growing pipeline. Business is the key focus in this stage, clients are the key success drivers. 

The 10-100 stage is the journey to become the market leader, capture market share, adding capital and resources to the business and work on building the strongest teams, products and reducing threats, making sure the machine is always well oiled.

As a leader of a business, in any and all stages, the most important ingredient in building a successful company is building a strong culture. The space in which these ideas are discussed, the team operates - will make or break how the company moves forward.

“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first” - says Simon Sinek, Author of Start with Why. And we agree.


Spaces that build culture 

You know what is crucial for businesses to grow? The people growing the business to be in their happy place, a space that sparks innovation, ideas - brings the vibe! If you’re a founder, just building your team or a COO of a Fortune 500 company, if your people don’t like where they work - they will most certainly, not like the work. So,

Add these TO-DOs to your calendar

  1. Lock up the traditional, monotonous traditional cubicles-office (even if it is The Office) and
  2. Unlock the idea of innovative, bright fresh co-working spaces!

At every stage, there’s an opportunity to build, nurture and grow your company - with fellow leaders, peer teams across companies! Hello co-working spaces, where mindspace, physical space, ideas and teams come together for every milestone in the company. 

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This is how and why companies leverage these spaces to establish and foster great culture with the best vibes. 


#1 Avengers Assemble! (now within minutes and not years)

Collaborate - with your human people and fellow humans too! 

No more huddles, ad-hoc “quick calls” in the middle of the day.

Meetings are about ideas, solutions, literal opportunities to grow and a good co-working space fosters a healthy, collaborative environment, where people can assemble within minutes. 

They are in the same mindspace, workspace which brings focus and encourages interaction, innovation, and creativity within teams, and among like-minded individuals. 

It provides an opportunity for teams from varied, unique companies to interact too, share ideas, and find partnerships on projects. Being in an environment full of leaders, teams of entrepreneurs who are facing similar challenges can provide immense room for learning and support.


#2 Make your CFO’s day with cost-effective yet prime office spaces

We all know renting traditional office space is costly, requires long-term commitment and simply, rigid structures, high infrastructure & maintenance costs. It is 2024, and we have the most flexible, customized number of options with co-working spaces. 

With more utilities, potential to network, dedicated spaces are available in the most prime locations without having to pay prime prices. These spaces are close to MRT lines, making them extremely accessible. 

For instance, you can pick from more than 10 spaces at Raffles itself - depending on your goals, team size and vibes too!

workbuddy is that work bestie and advisor for you to help pick from the best office spaces at the best prices. Check out - Best Co-working spaces in Singapore


#3 Work Yoga & Yoga at Work 

Flexible, Scalable & Full of Amenities 

Nursing rooms, podcast rooms, relaxation rooms, shower rooms

Known for their dynamic nature, startups, early-stage and profitable, undergo rapid changes in team sizes, business requirements and working styles. A good co-working space is like yoga - they provide flexibility to scale up or down as needed. 

  1. Flexible lease terms
  2. Savings in overhead costs by sharing office space, utilities, and amenities.
  3. Satellite offices or project-specific spaces
  4. Location flexibility for diverse operations for mature and large companies
  5. Work & play - cafeterias, play stations, relaxation rooms and much more!

#4 Discover Instagram-able moments & Tell LinkedIn-worthy Stories  

Learning & Development with Perks

Shared workspaces host events on a fortnightly, even weekly basis that make for networking opportunities and interactions across companies and teams. Whether you’re a 10-people team or 100 - your teams get a chance to interact with competitors, clients sitting out of their offices based in these locations. Some key learning areas include:

  1. Workshops, events, seminars - organized by companies to find clients, partners
  2. Mentorship programs and access to industry experts for guidance and advice
  3. workbuddy members can avail lifestyle perks - access to brands, memberships, vouchers! Elevating your lifestyle to live up to what you want to live - is taken care of by coworking spaces as such!

#5 Community & Good Vibes!

One of the most significant advantages of coworking spaces is the sense of community they foster. All team sizes and companies in various stages can come together, and interact with each other, supporting networks within these ecosystems. Ideas float around, sparking inspiration and a sense of belonging with shared experiences. 


So, what next?  

Fellow founders, leaders, CXOs, we’ve realized how crucial it is to build a bright, refreshing and safe space to build and nurture culture. And, it is really simple to make changes and grab that opportunity. We understand and empathize with everyone out there whose goal is to build a successful company. 

We are committed to helping you find the perfect office space, because we have plans for them all!  

We’ve got you covered for all teams, team sizes and vibes too! 

Now that we’ve convinced you with the why and how of coworking spaces, here’s our recommendation on the best plan for the stage you are at. 


For our self-starting disruptors, solo alchemists

If you are

  • Starting your entrepreneurial journey, building your business from the ground up
  • Trailblazing solopreneur, looking for the best possible space to be your 5-people team
  • Killing it with that task list remotely but are looking for a change of space
  • Traveling the world with your laptop, and are a passionate digital nomad
  • Dynamic freelancer, looking for different vibes with different projects

workbuddy’s Individual Plan is your work-buddy. You can have a different office every week! 

With nearly 50 beautiful, mind-nurturing spaces in the sought-after locations across Singapore, you can book a desk near the gym, near your kids’ school, near your clients… or near the beach. 


For our core and heart of the company, teams that empower growing businesses 

If you are 

  • A strong powerful team of 2-5 looking for a space to focus your energy on pure acceleration & growth
  • A group of work besties, peers looking to inspire each other and find a dedicated space
  • A squad from the same field looking to brainstorm on new projects

workbuddy has got you and your buddies with its Team Plans. With access to nearly 50 locations in the coolest, hottest areas in Singapore, pick between an unlimited plan for each member of the team or pay as you go with every visit! Pick as it suits you and your style of working, it’s all flexible!


For our pioneering companies and long-running labels 

  • Looking for fresh, bright and prime locations for your office
  • A company promoting employee health, flexibility and unique spaces
  • Teams that want spaces that spark creativity but looking for privacy and focussed spaces

workbuddy’s advisory solutions will be perfect for you - we’ll help you find your office leveraging our expertise and connections in the coworking space across Singapore. 


workbuddy’s Advisory Solutions 

None of these work? We have custom, tailor-made plan options too. As we have been saying, it is all flexible! 

If you need help deciding which coworking space in Singapore is right for you, contact us today. Our team knows the city’s coworking space like the back of their hands and will point you in the right direction. We can offer free consults for companies and teams too. We’re here to help you find your ideal workplace match.