Elevate Your Workspace: TWB opens its second location in Collyer Quay

Post on March 4, 2024

2024 has not only given us an extra day around the sun, aka a leap day, but also resulted in a new addition to the workbuddy roster. Reinvent the way you work, focus on your convenience and daily schedule with our new coworking listing at The Work Boulevard at Raffles. Made with panache, it will help you find your community, your tribe.


Here’s why The Work Boulevard is special.


It has a bright and inviting atmosphere. Large windows, with tons of natural light seeping in - check. Well, picture that against stunning views of the Singapore skyline, water in the background, and the smell of fresh cappuccinos floating through the air. Perfect for productivity and inspiration. 
Notably, The Work Boulevard's private offices offer exclusive views of the iconic Marina Bay Sands, adding an extra touch of luxury to your workspace experience.


Location adds to the win. A short walk away from the Raffles MRT station, The Work Boulevard is located on the 12th and 13th floor at 20 Collyer Quay. In the heart of Singapore’s bustling Central Business District, you have unlimited dining options, no matter the vibe you are looking for. Grab a quick lunch at the cafes and restaurants, or enjoy a beer with your friends post work. With many multi-cuisine restaurants, there’s something for even the most discerning palettes or client dinners. 


A true mix of luxury and functionality. When you think of a coworking space, luxury isn’t a word you would associate with it. The Work Boulevard breaks that mould and brings you an environment that combines functionality, practicality and luxury to get the most of your work day. Set up with its own coffee bar and beer tap, there’s something for every mood — whether you’re looking for inspiration or building relationships.


The Work Boulevard personifies its commitment to the planet. It has partnered up with Chop Value, a brand that builds furniture with recycled chopsticks. A remarkable approach to integrating culture while promoting eco-friendliness!


Talking about culture, the true Singaporean touch is in the names of the different areas of the space - from Atas Assembly, the sophisticated and exclusive meeting room for important presentations to the Lah Lounge, a more relaxed meeting room for a fun team brainstorming session. 



Facilities to Look Forward to at The Work Boulevard:

  • Meeting Rooms: Remote working is a new reality, and our workspaces provide HD video conferencing equipment.
  • Private Phone Booths: When you need some privacy for work or personal conversations.
  • High-Speed WiFi: Stay connected and productive with high speed internet facilities.
  • Printing Facilities: Print any document you need under the same roof.
  • Unlimited Tea and Coffee: Artisanal coffee from Coffee Man Common Roasters will keep you focused and energised through your work day.
  • Professional Support: A dedicated Community and Centre Team available to assist with your needs.


How to Join The Work Boulevard:

Here’s how easy it is to get started. Whether you are a consultant, an entrepreneur or a fractional executive, getting access to our spaces could not be easier. There is a plan tailored to suit your individual needs.

Different Membership Options:

  • Membership types include: Daily desk Hot Desking, Coworking membership, Private office and Meeting rooms for rent.
  • Hot Desking Day Pass: Best for anyone who needs a temporary space to work from on a particular day.
  • Coworking Membership: For people working together in communal areas every day.
  • Private Office: When teams or individuals need their own space for collaborative work.
  • Bookable Meeting Rooms: Formal venue for holding meetings as and when you require.
  • Virtual Office: Businesses that do not want to have physical offices but require an impressive PR address

Contact The Work Boulevard:

Contact our team at [email protected] to enquire about membership plans, packages, or any custom requirements. Our Community Team will be able to guide you through all the available options and find you the best fit to suit your work demands.

Become a Member:

Once you've selected the membership that suits your needs, the team at The Work Boulevard will assist you with the signup process, ensuring a smooth transition into your new workspace.

For workbuddy Members:

If you are an existing member of the workbuddy community, you can find The Work Boulevard listed along with other various spaces across Singapore, from the palm of your hand. Simply log on to the app and access the space as and when you please. It’s all about having increased convenience and control over your work.


Building a community of teamwork, collaboration, and a vibrant culture is at the heart of what we do at workbuddy. We put in our heart and soul into every space we bring on board to ensure that it truly reflects our ethos. We’re here to give you all the tools you need to help you and your team thrive. Get onto the workbuddy app today. 


If you need help deciding which coworking space in Singapore is right for you, contact us today. Our team know the city’s coworking scape like the back of their hands and will point you in the right direction. We can offer free consults for companies and teams too.