Find Your Space, Find Your Pace: Channelling Quiet Thriving

Post on February 20, 2024

If the theme for 2023 at the workplace was quiet quitting, then maybe this year’s slogan - quiet thriving - might just be the silver lining you are looking for. 

By the end of last year, it seemed we were all quiet quitting was all the rage. That is, putting in the bare minimum in a scenario that you don’t believe is serving you or giving you the satisfaction you feel you deserve. While it is a tempting thought to check out of your job mentally, even before you do physically, it can have a detrimental effect on your mood and even make you feel worse at work. 

In a study done by Gallup in 2022, it was found that Gen Z and millennial workers showed higher levels of disengagement and quiet quitting tendencies as compared to older cohorts. 

So here we are, introducing the antithesis to quiet quitting: quiet thriving.


Shhh.. We’re Quietly Thriving

Coined by psychotherapist Lelsey Alderman in The Washington Post, the term quietly thriving refers to actively making changes to your work schedule in order to shift your mental state and help you feel more engaged in your job. 

Let’s be honest, doing the bare minimum at work doesn’t really come naturally to us. It’s also not always convenient to up and quit our job every time they cause us distress, as much as you might want to. For some, this may be an unthinkable option. The current purse-tightening times makes the idea of quiet quitting feels like you’re gambling with your rent money. The economy, doing its finest roller coaster impression, makes the decision that much harder. It’s a financial tightrope walk without a safety net. So, while we may fantasise about quitting the 9 to 5, we’re all just one unexpected expense away from reconsidering this silent protest.

We are built to thrive as human beings - we are curious creatures and even if you truly believe you are happy doing the bare minimum until something better comes your way, trust us, deep down, that nagging sense of purpose could creep in. Notice the clock ticking as your career seems to drift away. Hear that nagging voice that says there’s more to life than this.



Feeling real joy and satisfaction comes from integrating purpose that goes beyond our work. We want to make a difference. We want to make a mark. We want to be appreciated. There is a drive to unleash our full potential, whether we admit it to ourselves or not. 

So quiet quitting, while it may feel like you’re sticking it to the establishment, is actually doing the same right back at you. 

For us at workbuddy, we say quiet thrive! It allows us to take back control of our well-being at work and this involves two facets: The mental aspiration to have more from our life, and the physical action to make it a possibility. This has the power to shape reality into one that could make work exciting to go to again and again, every single day. 

Here’s how you can try to quietly thrive for yourself.


Take back control.

A great place to start is to identify which parts of your job frustrate you and which parts light you up. Get a clear picture on the different demands of your position and what they mean to you. Take the parts that frustrate you and ask yourself, which parts do you have control over? And which parts are completely out of your control?

Look deeper into the parts that frustrate you and ponder about how you can minimize them in your day. Consciously agree to let go of anything you have no control over. But remember, you always have control over how you choose to react to these scenarios. And that is a choice. 

Rather than being confined to a rigid 9-5 office schedule, you can consider working during the hours that maximize your productivity. Skip the stressful commute and wasted time, and simply walk over to your nearby coworking space. 


Learn to soothe your nerves.

When we feel anxious or stressed, we tend to lose our ability to think clearly. Our body focuses on more imminent threats (in ancient times it was the hungry lion, today it’s looming deadlines and angry glares of our boss). When your body is under threat mode, you also lose the ability to communicate effectively and build emotional connections, both imperative ingredients for workplace success and mental well-being.



So to step out of this threat mode, reboot your nervous system. Become aware of how your body is feeling in the moment. If it helps, set a reminder on your phone to go off every hour, and just take notice when it does. Allow yourself a few deep breaths to calm your mind - because you can’t thrive in your job when your body is stuck in threat mode. 

In such situations, coworking spaces tend to provide the perfect environment to step away from high-stress situations. Surrounded by a supportive community and designed keeping wellness in mind, these spaces often offer curated nooks for meditation and relaxation.


Connect with others.

It takes a full reservoir of energy for our body to function at its complete potential, and most of the time, we are taking more out of it than we are replenishing. This means we end up in an energy deficit; that’s when we feel sluggish, sleepy, or downright exhausted. 

One thing that can help you feel rejuvenated is to connect with people who make us feel safe. People who feel good to be around. The key to this is making sure our work relationships are built on trust and growth, so avoid hanging around people that spend their day complaining about work or their bosses. 

In that regard, coworking spaces thrive on building meaningful connections between members. The culture of support helps motivate everyone and celebrate wins, big or small. Ultimately it’s people that make a workplace thrive. 


Work where your life is.

With the growing number of coworking spaces available, finding one that meets your specific needs can seem daunting. That's where workbuddy comes in. It transforms the way we integrate work into our lives, rather than letting it dictate our life’s rhythm. In today’s hustle culture, balancing professional commitments with personal goals - be it working out, taking up a new hobby, or spending time with your children - is paramount for a fulfilling life. workbuddy emerges as a seamless solution, enabling you to work closer to where your life is. 

With workbuddy, the idea of ‘do more with your day’ becomes a tangible reality. By providing access to a network of coworking locations in your neighbourhood, workbuddy is here to ensure you can transition smoothly between work and your life. No longer do you need to focus on maintaining a healthy work-life balance, your professional life simply enhances your personal time and allows you to truly thrive. 

Work where your life is, with workbuddy - redefine the meaning of a balanced, thriving lifestyle. Consider opting for a free week with this new way of working.


Rounding Up

Rather than silently withdrawing, take hold of your career in proactive ways. Make Quietly Thriving your 2024 mantra. Seek environments that spark creativity, motivate you to learn new skills, and help you work on your own terms. Coworking spaces provide the flexibility, amenities, and community connections to support your professional growth.

Don't wait for the perfect opportunity to fall in your lap. Discover the energy and inspiration you need to thrive by exploring workbuddy's curated listings of hand-picked coworking spaces in your area. 

Quietly Thriving starts by taking control of your work life today. Visit workbuddy to start your journey towards fulfilment and create the career you deserve in this new era of work. The time is now to find spaces and opportunities where you can shine.



What does “quietly thriving” mean? How is it different from “quiet quitting”?

Looking for fulfilling work that helps you prioritise personal values and goals is referred to as quietly thriving, while quiet quitting refers to individuals who do the bare minimum at their job.

How do coworking spaces help with the transition to quietly thriving from a place of quiet quitting?

They are flexible, and foster a sense of community. They encourage you to be more productive, creative and prioritise your wellness. These are important aspects of thriving in your career.

What features of a coworking space can help you thrive in your work life?

WiFi connections, different work zones, meditation sessions, and networking opportunities help to quietly thrive in your work life.


If you need help deciding which coworking space in Singapore is right for you, contact us at workbuddy today. Our team know the city’s coworking scape like the back of their hands and will point you in the right direction. We can offer free consults for companies and teams too. 

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