Top 7 apps to boost your productivity

Post on April 16, 2024

The premise of this article’s headline is nonsense, sure, but it isn’t clickbait - we promise. 

Getting more done in less time is something we all wish to achieve. The problem is, productivity is deeply personal, and the way to increase productivity can mean different things to different people. So keep in mind, the best productivity app is the one that is best suited to your needs.

Sounds good? Let’s jump in.


The best productivity app for sorting out your to-do lists.


We all have a task to do at any given point in the day - whether at work, or for the rest of our lives. The worst place to store these things is in your mind. It’s a breeding ground for stress. Writing down everything you need to do allows you to plan and crucially, it results in a lot less panic.

Not everything needs an app. Some of the most productive people we know use sticky notes and notepads. But for people who prefer to have their life on their laptop, Todoist is a great to-do list app. It’s easy to use and has a host of features. You can download it on every device you can imagine. You can integrate it with other apps as well and use the extensive templates available to get started easily. 

Pricing: free version available; paid version starting from 5$/month.

AI alternate -

Building healthy habits and sticking to them can be challenging. An AI scheduling assistant is a great way to help you get back on track without any scheduling headaches. is a great option that has an easy interface, works even better, and offers the perfect balance between power and complexity. 

Pricing: Some free resources; paid plans start at 10$/month.


The best app for blocking out distractions.


Have you ever tried to work in the middle of an amusement park? Well, neither have we. Yet. But we assume it would be distracting. The internet is worse. Brilliant engineers who are doing everything they can to keep you looking at more content. This is where focus apps come in. 

Freedom is a great tool for the job. It integrates with every platform and blocks websites and apps on all your devices. That means you can say goodbye to scroll TikTok on your phone in the middle of drafting that email. 

Set up multiple block lists and set timers for them. 

For a combination of a blocking, plus a to-do list, look at Serene. There’s also Cold Turkey Blocker. Remember, the internet is built to distract. There is absolutely no shame in using a tool to build discipline if you need it. 

Pricing: $3.33/month with annual and lifetime subscriptions available.


The best app for keeping track of your calendar.

Google Calendar

We don’t know what we would do without the Google Calendar. Not only does it provide organization for your everyday schedule, but also, it will always remind you 10 minutes before every meeting or commitment. Let’s face it, we all need a reminder when we’re knee deep in the middle of our task list. 

Pricing: Free with a google account.


The best app for communicating with your team.


Communicating with your coworkers in a way that isn’t chaotic, and confusing is necessary. Stop searching and filtering through emails and group text messages and download Slack. You can create different channels for different departments on your team, leaving everyone on the same page. 

Pricing: $12.50/month and more plans available.


The best app for remembering those pesky passwords.


 If you’re someone who finds it hard to remember passwords on multiple platforms and don’t use the same one as you did when you were thirteen, this app is for you. It remembers all your passwords. With LastPass here to manage all your logins, it’s easy to have strong, unique passwords for every online account and improve your online security. 

Pricing: Free version available; $3/month 


The best app to work on your fitness goals.


Fittr provides a safe and judgment free platform where you can learn, transform, and embark on your fitness journey. It offers personalized home workout programs based on your goals. Whether it’s constructive weight loss, muscle gain, or simply getting fit, the app has the perfect plan to suit your needs. Set daily walking goals and see how many calories you burn while getting personal diet plans as well. 

Pricing: Various plans available to suit your needs best.


The best app for flexibility, choice, and freedom in your workspace.


If you are looking for flexibility and convenience in the palm of your hand, workbuddy is the solution you are looking for. Having joined hands with a number of coworking spaces across the city, you no longer have to schedule your day around your work. Focus on the tasks you need to get done through the day and then pick the location that works best for you. This is especially beneficial for freelancers on the hunt for inspiration, startups that need to be flexible and dynamic, or a corporate branch that needs to be mobile. They have a number of plans that allow you to work where you want, when you want. Can being productive get any easier? 

Pricing: contact our sales team to know more. 

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