Unlocking New Dimensions of Work: workbuddy’s Latest Coworking Spaces

Post on April 2, 2024

This time around, with the expansion of our family of shared offices and coworking spaces, we are pleased to introduce you to a trio of locations bound to jazz up your work lives with modern facilities, vibes unique to the city, and convenience of location.


Let’s dive in and discover what TWB 20 CQ, Super Co at One Holland V, and the N9 Offices have to offer.


Elevate Your Workspace: TWB 20 CQ


A short walk away from the Raffles MRT station, The Work Boulevard is located on the 12th and 13th floor at 20 Collyer Quay. In the heart of Singapore’s bustling Central Business District, you have unlimited dining options, no matter the vibe you are looking for. Grab a quick lunch at the cafes and restaurants, or enjoy a beer with your friends post work. With many multi-cuisine restaurants, there’s something for even the most discerning palettes or client dinners. 



A true mix of luxury and functionality. When you think of a coworking space, luxury isn’t a word you would associate with it. The Work Boulevard breaks that mould and brings you an environment that combines functionality, practicality and luxury to get the most of your work day. Set up with its own coffee bar and beer tap, there’s something for every mood — whether you’re looking for inspiration or building relationships.


The Work Boulevard personifies its commitment to the planet. It has partnered up with Chop Value, a brand that builds furniture with recycled chopsticks. A remarkable approach to integrating culture while promoting eco-friendliness!


Where Work Meets Lifestyle: Super Co at One Holland Village


Super Co is located within the newly minted One Holland Village, designed and contrived with the demands of every modern urbanite in mind. Sharing workspaces from business administration to product distribution is the quintessence of a modern work lifestyle yet provides an environment that is both conducive and lax.

Situated just a stone's throw away from Holland V MRT station, Super Co makes commuting a breeze.

Vibe: Imagine working in a space that has the same energy as a leisure walk on a Sunday afternoon and walls that make you want to be up and doing.

Such is the pulse of Holland Village, and Super Co perfectly fits into this tapestry with professionalism offered to them on one hand and space given for creative freedom on the other.



Think of a place where the air is as relaxed as a lazy Sunday but buzzes with the energy of street art. That's the vibe at Holland Village, and Super Co slides right into this mix with its cool blend of professionalism and creative freedom.


Amenities: Located under dual ownership by way of this semi open-air design, pet-friendly building-renowned and diverse shops, cafes, and bars-Super Co are more than a place of business; it's a place to call home for those keen on living within the community.

This also comes with all that is of an essence: pantry access, monitors, telephone booths, meeting rooms—even those who might want their accessibility to the space, such as a wheelchair bound.

This spot is all about blending work with lifestyle. It's nestled in the buzzing One Holland Village, making sure you're never too far from a good coffee or a quick shopping spree. And yes, it's just a hop away from Holland V MRT, so getting there is a breeze.


What's in it for you? Besides being pet-friendly (yay for bringing your furry friend to work!), it boasts a semi open-air design, loads of shops, cafes, and bars nearby. You've got everything from screens for your work, a pantry, phone booths for private calls, meeting rooms, and yes, it's wheelchair-friendly too.


Your Productivity Haven: N9 Offices


Fully on board, N9 Offices is excited to have partnered with Workbuddy to bring two more amazing spaces in two prime locations on board the app. AirView Building and The Adelphi were designed with serenity in mind to ensure you are always at your peak productivity.

At the core of Tanjong Pagar, where a huge number of office spaces lie, Airview Building is proudly poised to offer a location like no other at the epicenter of working, dining, and leisure amenities.



Many big corporate companies have taken up the unit spaces here. Located within a stone's throw from the MRTs of Tanjong Pagar and Maxwell, it’s a great location for any working professional to live in – a prime area with plenty of convenience and neighborhood activity.

Common Features: Both places take pride in having characteristics designed to suit the needs of working professionals that will help make the day go by smoothly and productively. Offices in N9 offer tailor-made services facilitated by a dedicated business concierge team and essentials ranging from meeting rooms to printery.


Why Choose workbuddy?


Each of these locations not only offers a space to work but also a community to engage with. Whether your heart rests in the much eclectic vibe of the Holland Village at Super Co, a conveniently positioned office at AirView Building, or with the cultural richness of The Adelphi—and much more—you don't find a place to work; rather, you belong to it. From just the basics, to the very things you find essential, amenities in our spaces are designed to fit your workday. They offer hourly, flexible timings with an extensive list of amenities to fulfill your comfort and productivity. It has made these spaces more than simply coworking but the place where careers flourish and ideas bloom.


Keep an eye on this space for more details and new locations, including special events and networking opportunities created for our community to continue growing in both size and quality. But workbuddy is not just an application; it is your way to the best coworking spaces of Singapore, each having a different story, but sharing a common mission to help your business become successful and innovative. "Discover, Connect, Flourish," only with the latest from workbuddy. Because at workbuddy, every space is more than its location; it's a step into the future of work. Welcome aboard!


If you need help deciding which coworking space in Singapore is right for you, contact us today. Our team know the city’s coworking scape like the back of their hands and will point you in the right direction. We can offer free consults for companies and teams too. We’re here to help you find your ideal workplace match.