Business Insider: This is the most important factor when choosing a co-working space, according to an expert

By Rachel Genevieve Chia (17/09/2018)
When choosing a co-working space, don’t go for the standard one-year contract, advises Gaurav Joshi, the founder of co-working app workbuddy.

But picking a good space can be tricky, because they’re all so different. How do you know which is a good choice?This was the problem facing Gaurav Joshi, who’s the founder of co-working app workbuddy. Like Netflix does for movies, the app lets users work from any co-working space associated with the company for a flat monthly subscription. The roughly 20 co-working spaces on the app are carefully picked for their good facilities, including a front desk concierge, a photo studio, and a large lounge area. In the course of choosing these spaces – and even his own office – Gaurav shares what he found and that most important factor in selecting a space is flexibility...